Uz Media Player (Beta)

(This page is tentative)


Video player for Android

This is a video player to use with other apps at the same time.
Even if the player screen is hidden, it keeps playing in the background.

Play for
(Only supported by Android OS)
・mp4 (& mp3) in SD card
・YouTube (ver1.5 more)

File encoding (codec) and the CPU load may be stop, audio-only playback, or not playback.

* Beta version
* Pay attention to communication charge etc.(YouTube search and playback)

* Not support playlist now
* Sorry, look is untouched yet...

Current version


* YouTube high quality for OS 2.2 Froyo (tentative support)
Please try to change YouTube quality setting to "High2".
(But some videos still not)

* Adjustment for trackball

* Bug fix: capital extension probrem, etc.

You can get it at the Android Market.
Link for android

NOTE: This app doesn't have the copy protection, now.
If necessary, you can backup old version which you have.
(There are backup apps at Android Market)

Q & A (under construction)

* Which OS is supported?

Android OS 1.5-
Tested on HTC Magic(1.5), Nexus One(2.1) and emulators.

* What permissions are necessary?

WAKE_LOCK (Prevent phone from sleeping)
It is used only playback screen.

INTERNET (Full Internet access)

* Other permissions are displayed.(on OS 1.6)

This app supports OS 1.5
Therefore, the following permissions might display on OS 1.6
But these are NOT useing.


* Can it play all mp4/mp3 files?

No. It plays only mp4/mp3 files supported by OS.

OS supports mp4 H263/H264(AVC).
Actually, it is limited more.

For example:
H.264 Baseline Profile (Supported)
H.264 Main Profile (Depends on model)
In addition, the video size etc. relate, too.

DRM(Digital Rights Management)
Only some. Generally, not.

* It plays mp4 only sound (no image)

Perhaps, the video format of the video is not supported by OS.
In many cases, the video format of them is H.264 Main Profile.
If you want to watch the video on your device, try to change video format of your video file.

-> H.264 Baseline Profile (for Android / iPhone)

* Method of opening player screen?

Please open status bar and click notification.

* I want to end the player service.

Menu -> EndService (at player screen)

NOTE: During stopped state, player service is sleeping.

* I downloaded mp4/mp3. But I can't find it in this app.

Perhaps, OS(Media Provider) does not notice. It might notice when OS reboot.

* There is bug!

If you would, please report to Feedback page.
Feedback page

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